Westfield NJ - Ranked as One of the Best Places to Live

Looking for your dream place to live? Well, let me tell you about the charming town of Westfield, NJ!

With a population of 30,591 residents, Westfield offers the perfect blend of suburban tranquility and easy access to the bustling city life of New York City. Imagine living in a delightful suburb while still being just a short drive away from the vibrant streets of the Big Apple. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?  Westfield exudes an affluent atmosphere, attracting upper-class working professionals and families who desire to live in a picturesque area while enjoying close proximity to larger cities.

Let’s dive into all the reasons why Westfield is the Place to Live. Get ready to discover what makes this town so special!

Reasons to Move to Westfield NJ

Westfield boasts stunning and family-friendly suburbs that will make you fall in love at first sight. Picture yourself in a picturesque neighborhood with tree-lined streets and a warm sense of community.  The downtown area of Westfield is like a hidden gem, offering an upscale atmosphere with a touch of small-town charm. Explore the delightful shops, cozy cafes, and mouthwatering restaurants that add to the city's unique character.  No matter your stage in life, Westfield has something to offer you. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer searching for your dream house or someone enjoying the golden years of retirement, this city embraces diversity and welcomes everyone with open arms.

Let me highlight some compelling reasons why Westfield, NJ should be on your radar for a potential move:


For families considering a move, Westfield, NJ has some fantastic news! The city has been awarded an impressive A+ grade by Niche for its outstanding public schools. This means you can trust that your children will receive a top-notch education in a nurturing environment.

According to Great! Schools, the majority of public schools in Westfield have ratings of 7 or higher, with some even reaching a perfect score of 10. Isn't that remarkable?  Boasting a 97% graduation rate, nearly double the national average of 62%, Westfield schools excel at propelling students towards success. This dedication continues with Westfield High School's phenomenal average ACT score of 30, setting graduates on a path of collegiate achievement.

Things To Do

Downtown Delights:  Stroll down Broad Street and Elm Street, the beating heart of Westfield. Here, charming boutiques like Banana Republic, Gap, and Urban Outfitters mingle with trendy cafes and mouthwatering restaurants like Rock 'n' Joe and 16 Prospect. Art galleries showcase local talent, and the Westfield Community Players keep spirits high with year-round events like music festivals and holiday celebrations.

Park Paradise:  Escape the urban buzz and explore Westfield's verdant havens. Mindowaskin Park's 12.6 acres offer a serene escape with a playful playground, a quiet gazebo, and lush gardens surrounding a picturesque pond. For the sporty bunch, Tamaques Park beckons with a whopping 106 acres of athletic pursuits, featuring basketball and tennis courts, pickleball, playing fields, playgrounds, and a jogging path.

History Comes Alive:  Step back in time at the Miller-Cory House Museum, a "living history" experience that recreates farm life from 1740-1820. The museum offers special programs for families, making history both educational and entertaining.  Dive deeper into Westfield's past at the Reeve History & Cultural Resource Center, housed in a stunning 1870s residence. Guided tours of the Reeve House unveil fascinating stories of the town's rich heritage.

Spooky Shenanigans:  In October, Westfield transforms into a haven for fans of the macabre with AddamsFest. Inspired by the iconic Addams Family and their creator, Charles Addams, who once called Westfield home, the month-long celebration features movie screenings, art exhibits, and an enchanting masquerade ball. It's a spooky good time for the whole family!

Artistic Exploration:  For a dose of cultural enrichment, visit the Evalyn Dunn Gallery, showcasing works by renowned artists from around the world. Immerse yourself in diverse artistic styles and let your imagination soar.

Arcade Nostalgia:  Relive the joys of yesteryear at YESTERcades, a family-friendly arcade brimming with classic and modern games. Challenge your friends to air hockey, pinball, or retro video games, and create lasting memories.


Food is such an important part of living in a new place, and Westfield, NJ, doesn't disappoint. It boasts a diverse and delicious food scene that caters to all tastes and budgets. Here's a glimpse of what awaits your palate:

  • Addams Tavern: This stylish newcomer housed in a charming barn-like structure serves up elevated American fare alongside an impressive wine, cocktail, and beer selection. It's perfect for a sophisticated night out with friends.
  • Chez Catherine: Step into Parisian elegance at Chez Catherine. Renowned chef Stéphane Bockert continues the tradition of impeccably prepared French cuisine that has earned this restaurant multiple awards. They even champion organic and vegan ingredients for a guilt-free indulgence.
  • Roosterspin Westfield: Get ready for a hip and vibrant scene at Roosterspin. This Korean-inspired eatery offers delicious food you can enjoy with the kiddos or while letting loose with friends! Live DJs and karaoke add to the fun atmosphere.
  • Fiamma Wood Fired Pizza: Cozy and welcoming, Fiamma is a local favorite for a reason. Their gourmet pizzas, authentic Italian dishes, and fresh salads are perfect for a family night out. Don't miss the charming outdoor seating during the summer months!
  • Bovella's Pastry Shoppe: This classic mom-and-pop bakery has been delighting locals for years with their delectable pastries, cakes, and other sweet treats. Whether you're craving a flaky croissant or a decadent slice of cake, Bovella's has it all.
  • Vicki's Diner: Step back in time at this classic American diner. Chrome accents and retro vibes set the stage for an extensive menu, from breakfast favorites to hearty dinners. It's perfect for a comforting and familiar meal.
  • Spice Bazaar: Expand your palate with the authentic Indian classics at Spice Bazaar. Their expansive menu promises a flavorful journey for your taste buds.
  • Maya Thai Eatery: This newcomer to the Westfield scene, Maya Thai Eatery, already has tongues wagging. Their bright and airy ambiance paired with delicious Thai cuisine, including lunch specials, makes it a must-try. 
  • 1958 Cuban Cuisine: Get a taste of the tropics at this vibrant restaurant. Authentic Cuban dishes like ropa vieja, mojitos, and churros will transport you to Havana. The lively atmosphere and friendly service add to the experience.

As the sun sets and the workweek fades, Westfield's affluent upper class sheds its business attire and swaps briefcases for cocktails. This charming New Jersey town transforms into a playground for discerning night owls, offering a variety of upscale experiences to suit every mood. So, ditch the sweatpants and dust off your finest threads, because Westfield's nightlife scene is ready to impress. Here are some favorites:


Make sure to mark your calendar for the Westfield Spring Fling, a must-see event in the springtime. During this vibrant festival, downtown Westfield transforms into a bustling open-air marketplace, featuring over 300 vendors, arts and crafts, delectable festival food, and thrilling entertainment and rides for the kids. It's an experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

And in the summertime, get ready to groove to the sounds of the annual Sweet Sounds Downtown Music Festival. As you tour and shop through the downtown area, talented musicians will serenade you with a diverse range of music genres, including jazz, rock and roll, and country. It's a feast for your ears and a delightful way to spend those warm summer evenings.

In October, Westfield transforms into a haven for fans of the macabre with AddamsFest. The month-long celebration features movie screenings, art exhibits, and an enchanting masquerade ball. It's a spooky good time for the whole family!


Moving to Westfield, NJ guarantees you a smooth job-hunting experience. In fact, the city's outstanding employment opportunities have earned it a prestigious Livability Award from Area Vibes, placing it in the Top 10 for employment in the entire state of New Jersey. Impressive, right?

When it comes to job prospects, Westfield shines even brighter, surpassing other areas in the United States by a whopping 81%. And that's not all! The city boasts a high median household income of $150,486, making it an even more attractive place to live.


Westfield's Tapestry of History:

Centuries before settlers arrived, Westfield's land vibrated with the presence of Native American tribes like the Raritans, Leni Lenapes, and Unamis. Their legacy echoes in street names like Lenape Trail and Mindowaskin Park, and landmarks like Unami Terrace and Shackamaxon Country Club.

In the mid-17th century, Governor Richard Nicolls acquired the "West Fields" west of Elizabethtown, encompassing Springfield, Union, Rahway, Woodbridge, and Perth Amboy. This vast territory gradually carved its own identity, evolving from "West Fields of Elizabethtown" to the distinct community we know today. Finally, in 1903, Westfield officially incorporated, starting with a humble core – a church, schoolhouse, store, blacksmith shop, tavern, and just 14 homes.

Today, Westfield boasts a vibrant character, with 6.29 square miles seamlessly blending modern amenities with a deep respect for nature. Green spaces like Mindowaskin Park, encompassing 211 acres, whisper the spirit of the land's original inhabitants, offering residents a haven of serenity amidst the urban buzz.

Westfield has proudly sustained its residential tradition from the late 19th century. Several areas officially designated as historic stand testament to its heritage. This attractive town continues to draw a diverse and successful population, including:

  • Acclaimed artists and musicians
  • High-ranking government officials
  • Renowned sports personalities
  • Prominent Wall Street and pharmaceutical executives

Westfield's rich history, vibrant present, and allure for diverse success make it a truly unique and captivating community.

Visit Westfield Today

Westfield, NJ truly has it all! Whether you're searching for a perfect place to raise your family or seeking exciting professional opportunities, Westfield is ready to meet your needs.

If the idea of residing in a charming city with a welcoming small-town vibe appeals to you, then look no further. Westfield is the place to be! Don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. We would be thrilled to showcase all the reasons why Westfield, NJ has earned its well-deserved spot as the #7 best place to live. Your dream city awaits!


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