Unveiling the World of Wine

For centuries, wine has captivated hearts and palates with its diverse flavors, complex aromas, and rich history. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur or a curious newcomer, stepping into the world of wineries and wine tasting can be an exciting and enriching experience.

Wineries: Where Magic Happens:

Imagine rolling hills adorned with vibrant vineyards, the air buzzing with the anticipation of harvest. That's the essence of a winery, a place where grapes are transformed into liquid poetry. From small, family-owned operations to sprawling estates, wineries offer a glimpse into the art and science of winemaking.

Unlocking the Flavors: The Art of Wine Tasting:

Wine tasting goes beyond simply drinking; it's a multi-sensory journey of discovery. Swirl the wine in your glass, observe the color's depth and clarity. Take a deep breath and inhale the complex aromas – hints of fruit, spice, even earth? Finally, take a sip, letting the flavors dance on your tongue. Is it dry or sweet? Smooth or tannic? Each sip reveals a new layer of the wine's story.

Beyond the Sip: The Winery Experience:

Many wineries offer tours, allowing you to witness the winemaking process firsthand. Learn about the different grape varietals, the meticulous fermentation techniques, and the aging process that shapes each unique bottle. Engage with knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions and guide you through the tasting experience.

Tomasello Winery - Cranford

109 Walnut Ave Cranford, NJ 07016

To make great wines you need a few key ingredients. Naturally, things like good soil, healthy vines, sunlight, plentiful grapes and good barrels are all necessary. However, truly great wines require something more, something our family has cultivated alongside our 70 acres of premium varietals since 1933, hard work and passion.
Established in 1933.
Founded over 80 years ago by our grandfather, we are the third generation of Tomasellos to build upon his great vision. Not only through dedicating our lives to growing and producing excellent wines that are a true expression of the Outer Coastal Plain, a historically celebrated American wine growing region, but by bringing our wines closer to your families with elegant tasting rooms and gift shops throughout the great Garden State.
Unionville Vineyards
9 Rocktown Rd Ringoes, NJ 08551
We produce world-class, award winning, wines with care and finesse. We strive to create the best guest experience possible, whether you are having a picnic near the vines, coming to hear local live music, learn about the winemaking experience, or of course, taste! Unionville Vineyards has one overarching goal; to raise the bar of what is expected from a New Jersey winery. Our whites include: Chardonnays, Pinot Grigio, Viognier, Dessert Wine, Dry & Regular Riesling, a Marsanne-Roussanne blend, and a blend combining Riesling, Pinot Grigio, and Gewurtzraminer. For reds we have: Pinot Noir, Syrah, a Bordeaux style blend of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, Counoise, a Pinot Noir based blend, a red blush, and a couple Ports.
Established in 1992.
Unionville's home vineyard is an 88.9 acre farm that had originally been part of the largest peach orchard in the United States. The farm was split off as a dowry present when one of the original owner's daughters was married in 1856. The main house and the oldest section of the winery building were built in 1858. In the heart of America's Colonial Crescent, Unionville Vineyards offers breathtaking natural beauty, bountiful terroir, historic significance and award-winning artisanal wines. The land of Unionville itself is a rich patchwork of American history. In 1900 the farm was sold and became a successful dairy farm. In 1965 the farm was sold to developers who originally had it planted in grains. The property was purchased in 1980 with the goal of saving the farm, returning the land to its fruit growing tradition and starting the Unionville Vineyards. vines were planted in 1982 and the winery opened to the public on April 1, 1993.
Grape Expectations
25 Kearney St Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Grape Expectations is designed to provide you with expert supervision in wine making while offering you a comfortable enjoyable atmosphere. We will walk you through this 9 month process. Our experienced staff will assist you in producing the finest handcrafted wines. Session 1 & 2 August through November During your first two visits of grape season you will learn to crush and de-stem grapes and begin crucial fermentation in vats. The second week you will press the grapes and fill your barrel. Session 3 January - Racking of the barrel Our staff racks and removes sediment and tops off the barrels. This is the time you come in a taste your wine for the first time. Session 4 Spring & Summer Your wine is ready! Now it's time to bottle your creation, affix you customized labels and Enjoy!
Established in 2000.
in 2000 owners opened the doors to Grape Expectations - a state-of-art home-style wine making facility. Over 25 years of wine making experience and more that 80 medals, including various international awards.
The Red Hook Winery
175 Van Dyke St Pier 41, Ste 325A Brooklyn, NY 11231
The Red Hook Winery began in concept in July 2008 and began crushing grapes one month later. Owner Mark Snyder, a Brooklyn native, convinced two Napa cult wine maker friends Abe Schoener and Robert Foley to get on board. The goal, to work with a liked region and make it loved. With as many as 15 different New York vineyards, as many as 26 wines per vintage right here in Brooklyn, we are still a small, hand-crafted operation. Splitting each lot of grapes in half for each wine maker to experiment, we continue to discover what New York means in liquid form, letting the juice tell the story.
Established in 2008.
The Red Hook Winery, founded in 2008 by Mark Snyder, aims to uncover and highlight the best vineyard sites in New York state. From the salty, sea-breeze-blown North Fork of Long Island to the stone, shale, and winter-dominated Finger Lakes, we work with grape farmers who give agricultural definition to New York's nascent winegrowing country. Our three winemakers-Robert Foley, Abe Schoener, and Christopher Nicolson-create unique expressions of these individual vineyard sites, producing wines that reflect the climate, geology, and viticulture that make New York unlike any other growing region in the world.
Make Wine With Us
21 Curie Ave Wallington, NJ 07057
MWWU offers hands on winemaking to learn the ancient process from grapes to bottling with your wine label from vine to wine. We would like to invite you to a tour and tasting. You may meet some friends and acquaintances who make wine. We are a great networking environment. 
Established in 2002.
Make Wine With Us is a family owned and operated business that offers more than just the fundamentals of selecting the perfect vintage of wine for your winemaking, we offer you a series of hands-on wine making classes that provide our students a unique opportunity to learn the age-old wine making process from vine to wine. We have hosted Fortune 100 companies, such as American Express, Associated Press and others.
4JG’s Vineyards
Wine Tasting Room
127 Hillsdale Rd Colts Neck, NJ 07722
Harvest Season is just wrapping up here at 4JGs Winery, but there's still more fun on tap! 4JGs will host Souper Saturday on November 4, 2023. Soup and Sip great wines and soup, get cozy by the firepit. Beginning Friday November 24, 4JGs begins the "sweetest season" Wine and Trees. Come shop for all of the wine lovers on your list, enjoy a glass of wine with friends, and you pick we cut your favorite tree in our tree grove.
Established in 1999.
4JG's is located on a historic farmstead that has been continuously farmed since the mid 1700's. The tasting room is a former colonial home dating back to 1723. The current owners purchased the property in 1997 and plated their first grapes in 1999. The first harvest and wine making was in 2002 and won them a gold medal at the NJ Wine Competition. 4JG's continues to make notable, well balanced, award-winning wines today! 4JG's Christmas Tree Farm opened in November 2020. Enjoy a glass of wine with friends and pick a tree, we cut it for you! Opening Friday November 26, 2021
Beach Bee Meadery
Meaderies | Cideries | Wine Tasting Room
89 Long Branch Ave Long Branch, NJ 07740
Escape to a haven for honeyed delights at Beach Bee Meadery, a hidden gem buzzing with passion and creativity.
Ditch the ordinary and dive into a world of ambrosial flavors. Their passion fruit mead transports you to a sun-drenched beach with its tropical tang, while the mango mead tantalizes your taste buds with a perfect balance of sweet and tart. These aren't just meads, they're flavorful adventures waiting to be sipped.
But Beach Bee's magic goes beyond the glass. Step into a hidden ambience, a neighborhood secret whispering tales of friendly service and a close-knit community. Feel the warmth of genuine smiles and the buzz of shared experiences as you savor each sip.
Whether you're a seasoned mead connoisseur or simply seeking a unique and delightful escape, Beach Bee Meadery awaits. It's more than a tasting room; it's a haven for the curious and the adventurous. So, raise a glass to new discoveries and let your taste buds embark on a journey.

Whether you prefer bold reds, crisp whites, or sparkling wines, there's a winery waiting to welcome you. Explore local wineries near you, embark on a vineyard tour through renowned wine regions, or simply enjoy a tasting at a cozy wine bar. Each experience is unique, offering the chance to discover new favorites and broaden your palate.

So, step into the world of wine. Embrace the sensory journey, learn from the experts, and discover the magic that lies within each bottle.


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